A Unity of All

Treatment by Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP
Spring is in the air and Easter is around the corner in a few weeks! This is a special time of renewal in Nature and it can be for us as we choose to renew our faith by raising our consciousness through our intentions and daily spiritual practices. The answers are within as we connect with our divinity—the Kingdom of God within in the secret place of Most High. And, when we raise our consciousness and the energy of love, it raises the consciousness of the world and more love returns to us—the more we give, the more we receive. And so we pray…
God is the One Power, the One Presence and the One Mind, the substance of all there is and ever was and ever will be.  God is the Living Spirit Almighty in all, around all, through all and throughout all. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is Good. And I am that I am. I am perfect, whole and complete and one of the Father and the entire Universe. I am one with the One Mind and a co-creator in my life. I am an individualized expression of the divine, made of the same substance as God and in the spiritual image and likeness of God!
And just as I am perfect, whole and complete, each and everyone is perfect, whole, complete, eternal and immortal. I declare each and everyone is open to receive the spirit, intelligence, love and the gifts of peace, love, joy and abundance to live a life filled with health, harmony and happiness. I know that we all look upon each and everyone and everything with love as we know the spirit of God is in everyone and everything for it is all One and all Good. I know and affirm that the consciousness of our communities and nation are raised to one of love, forgiveness, compassion, unity, faith, trust and belief, and it is good and very good. And, I know that this brings about a unity of all in the spirit of love and goodness, which already is what is.
I am so very grateful for the blessings of love, unity and wholeness that are manifested in each and everyone as we all choose to raise our consciousness by going within. I am so grateful for the Power and Presence of Love and Good that are present in everyone and everything. I am exceedingly grateful for the gifts of peace, love, joy and abundance that are already made and our acceptance as we live happy and prosperous lives in peace and harmony with our neighbor. And I release my word unto the Law where it is already known in the mind of God. I know that my word will not return unto me void. I do give thanks that this is so and so it is!
Treatment for March 27, 2017