Ah, Spring

 Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP
Most of my life I have considered Fall to be my favorite season because of the color.  Yet, today, I spent the afternoon in the yard weeding our walk, feeding ducks and birds, listening to woodpeckers, and enjoying 75 degree temperatures and blue sky.  It’s Spring!
So, I really recognize Spirit, God, in all the seasons.  I know all the seasonal changes are divine, as are all the changes going on in my life, even the ones I don’t like for now.  The time for God is Now, not tomorrow or next fall.  
I allow the seasons to bring me together with the ducks and birds and other critters as we all just love this season now.  We are One together in the Now, with Spirit.  
I realize I love watching Mr. and Mrs. Mallard just ducking down into the creek water, and flapping their wings in the water to splash, and just loving the sun and warm air.  I then know they love me for throwing corn and critter food down into the creek for them.  And I love my walk around the lower yard and along the creek, which always needs weeding in spring.  I just meditate as I pull up weeds and grass by the roots to free the walk of them and refresh it for spring.  And I love sending all the grass and weeds off to composting so they too can be recycled.  Life is all about cycles and recycles. 
I am so grateful for the power of these words in my life.  They bring me into love of life Now, not tomorrow or next Fall.  I just say Thank You Spirit for this day and this moment and I share this moment with all those who have experienced this day and now read this treatment.  
So, I release these words into the Law, knowing they work in my life and all life, wild life and human life and All Life.  And now I go out to walk my talk and weed some more  of my walk by the creek.  I just keep loving life Now.  
And so it is, Amen
Treatment for April 9, 2017