An Earth Day Prayer

Treatment by  Tammi McKinley, RScP

        What a blessed day!  I am so grateful and lucky to be able to write a treatment for today, which is also Earth Day. How wonderful!
        I know that God is all there is. Every last bit is God stuff. God expresses in so many ways. Today, I take notice of God expressing as the warm temperatures, tulips, flowering trees, and the impact that has on each of us. In this and so much more, God is all there is.
       I know that I am one with and inseparable from the Divine. I know this is true of each one of us in our center and each being throughout the world. I know that each one expresses as God in all ways, in every single God quality there is that cannot be limited by naming them.
       I speak my word that God is Peace and Beauty. God is that perfect light within each of us, expressing so clearly in whatever way God needs to express. And in those moments when it looks otherwise, God is there. There is nowhere that God is not. And I am so grateful for that.
       I give thanks for this knowing, this ever present God.
       I release my word into the Law where it is already known in the One Mind. It is already acted upon and cannot return to me void. I let it go. I let it be.
       And so it is.
Treatment for April 22, 2016