Healing Prayer

Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods, RScP


Healing Prayer

The truth I know is that the greatest, and indeed the only, Power in the universe is Love.  The Life of God is present here on the sacred ground I am on.  It is present here in the space I am.  It is present in the Earth and all its inhabitants.  This Loving Presence is the All in All, the only Life there is.  It is here in its entiret y at all points – at all times – expressing through all Its creation.  There is no thing and nothing outside of it.  As God, Spirit, the Divine, whatever name you call it, is whole perfect and complete, it cannot be divided in any way.  It simply is.  It simply is here always.

As Spirit and Creator is all there is, I am enveloped, immersed and created from its awareness.  The core of my being is the perfection of God and I am a reflection of the perfection of God.  I am here because God is here.  As I know this about myself, I know this about each person and all beings.  This Love and Life of God is expressing as me and you right now. We are divine expressions of Love.    The truth I know is that each life is an expression of truth and beauty.

I speak my word for healing of any dis-ease in bodies, minds, and souls.  I speak this word for healing to allow peace to settle into body, mind and soul in such a way that our walks in this world are a reflection of the miracle that we are.  I speak that our radiant love shines forth for all to see.  I speak that the strength of our souls radiates throughout our physical form in such a way that anything unlike truth is diminished and returns to the no-thing-ness from whence it came.  I know the strength we are reflects in our words, our thoughts and our actions.  I speak that within each of us is a knowing of life that is beautiful and we are living that life now as we walk a path of healing.

I speak of miracles and truths beyond knowing.  I know things come to pass – not to stay – but to pass.  I claim that we receive the gifts of this time and use it as we continue to be champions of healing and well-being.  I speak that our truth is so vibrant and alive that it cannot be squelched, pushed down, or diminished.  I speak for the love that we are and the passing through of any and all discord, and a release of blocks of all kinds.

I am grateful for knowing this light of love I call me and you.  I am grateful to bear witness to the blessing we are to this world, – our gentleness, our kindnesses, our loving intentions, our creativity, our beauty and our love.  Knowing I cannot name all of these wondrous qualities, I simply rest in the understanding that we are good and God is well pleased.  I am grateful for the healing taking place right now as these words are written and read.

There is a law in the Universe, an aspect of God that accepts these words that are spoken in truth and brings forth the well-being of our lives and allows love to shine, our light to brighten the world, creativity to blossom and peace to flow throughout all of our being.

And so it is.  Amen.

Treatment for March 18, 2016