Life is an Adventure


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP, MiT

Good Evening

Another trip around the sun completed, another beginning.  Traveling can be hard work. 😊

As I begin my journey I find it is always  a good Idea to start by prayer.

I sit knowing that there is only one, one precious life, one loving comforter.  I am one with this, and all that I know is an outpouring of this one.  I know that life is having an adventure through me.  I know that life is having an adventure with and through all of us.  It is an adventure of love, an adventure of knowing and joy, assisted by wisdom.  I court all of these as a lover courts the beloved.  I know that we are all walking the path of loving courtship to the beloved with joy in our steps. As in the last line in the last song of Les Miserables, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”  May I see the face of God in all that I see.  My heart is filled with love and joy, as I knowingly give thanks, and release this prayer to the power of the love in me and as me.

Happy  to be me

Treatment for December 20, 2016