Season of Love, Joy, and Peace

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP



Just two weeks from today, it will be Christmas Eve.  Just three weeks from tonight, it will be New Year’s Eve.  And in just ten days, it will be Suzanne’s birthday.  (We’re planning on going up to Merriweather Post Pavilion and seeing the Symphony of Lights.)

It has started to act like December out there.  The last few days have been cold.

Major League Baseball was in town for their Winter Meetings (just concluded Thursday), we saw an opera today, classes resume next month, and we are beginning to catch up with the busyness of the season.  At the same time,  we remember to stop, step back, breathe, and be open (to quote Devotion.)

And so we simply let go of the old, embrace the new, and remember to take time in the busy season to get in touch with Spirit.

And so we pray:

I know that there is only One Life, God, in all, as all through all, around all.  It is Perfect, Whole, Complete.  it is Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, and all that is.

I am That.  Each of us is That.  We are God in form and expression here and now.     All that God is, each of us must be and is.

We approach the season in Love, Joy, and Peace, with anticipation and excitement.  The decorations, the music, the activities, those related to Christmas and those seemingly unrelated, all come together to fill us with that peace, joy, love.  The music of the season reminds us of the harmony that God is being as us.  The  decorations remind us of the celebration and joy.  The tree reminds us of eternal life.  The lights remind us of that light that is us.  The cold weather reminds us to take care of ourselves and each other.  We are reminded to help whoever may need help.    We let that joy fill us as we move forward into the new, the ever expanding, the exciting, joyful, abundant adventure within.   And we say yes to all of it.

Remembering always the Source, I am grateful for all of this.  I am thankful for the many blessings we are reminded of in this season.

And so I simply know that all that needs to be done and should be done and wants to be done is done and done well.  I simply let go, trusting God and knowing that Divine Order demonstrates and manifests it all.  And so I simply let the Universe do what it does.

And SO it IS!

Treatment for December 10, 2016