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WORKSHOP – Being Your True Self, Fearlessly

By on April 5, 2017 in News
WORKSHOP – Being Your True Self, Fearlessly

Everyone has gifts and abilities. Part of our life’s journey is learning to tap into those capacities and express who we truly are. Hidden beliefs and traumas below the threshold of awareness can limit access to and the expression of our gifts and abilities. Some of these blocks are in our lineage and were handed down through the generations. Others were formed in childhood. We may not remember them but they still show up as difficulties and patterns that stand between us and our full potential for personal and professional success.

Family Constellations, based on the work of Bert Hellinger, works with tacit knowledge (what we don’t know we know) to bring untapped capacities to light. As we reestablish connections to our true self the dynamics behind subconscious limitations or blocks can be better understood and even shifted and released. When hidden blocks are cleared, life flows more freely towards fulfillment at work and in our social relationships.

 What participants are saying about this workshop:

“Thank you for a marvelous workshop. I am just blown away from the  effect it has had on me and my abilities to work. This process has really  removed the block from my emotional baggage and I can now use my full  range of thinking and feeling. This is just wonderful.”

“It was so thought-provoking and emotionally real. I think we all got a tremendous amount of benefit and insights from it.”

“Thanks so much for introducing us to Constellation work.  It was good to actually walk away with some insights.  It’s impressive stuff, and your facilitation was superb.” 

“Thanks for the really great gift with my work last night!! The process really seemed to click for me, and now I am enjoying a renewed sense of possibility and focus.”

“I was coming to learn a tool (which I was thrilled to observe and begin understanding); what I wasn’t expecting was such a powerful impact on me personally! It was also extremely moving to witness and participate in others’ process. WOW!” 

Facilitator: Harrison Snow has been a trainer, facilitator and coach of  organizational and personal change and transformation for over 35 years. During  that time he has conducted programs in more than 26 countries and authored  four, well-received books on team building and management. Harrison uses the  Constellation methodology in his consulting and coaching practice to facilitate organizational change and leadership development. He has facilitated personal  and professional growth for several thousand people who have attended his  programs for individuals and/or organizations. His new book, Confessions of a Corporate Shaman was recently published by Regent Press. Harrison recently gave at talk at CCSL which can be assessed on online: https://vimeo.com/209287721

Workshop Format: The workshop will start at 1 pm and finish at 4:30 pm. Generally, we will do one or more structured processes that enables everyone to have a mini-constellation. Everyone benefits from observing or being a representative in the constellation process.

Personal Responsibility: Signing up for and attending this workshop means you, the participant, take full responsibility for your level of participation and your resulting experience and hold harmless the organizers and facilitator.

When: Sunday, April 23, 2017, 1:00-4:30 p.m.

Where: Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, 2840 Graham Road, Falls Church, VA

Tickets: $30 early bird (through April 17th), $45 at the door or day of the workshop



Questions: Contact Harrison Snow: teambuilder@msn.com or 703-241-2421