Our Programs

Our spiritual community offers a host of ministry programs, affinity groups, classes, workshops and volunteer areas to assist and serve your spiritual growth and development.

We’d love to have you join us!

Service Team Name Email Phone
Care Team
Congregant Services 703.534.2748
Education Services Rev. Faith Woods 703.560.2030
Events 703.560.2030
Family Ministries 703.560.2030
Gays, Lesbians & Friends
Global Heart Outreach
Kitchen Angels
Loving Our Home
Men’s Group
Music Ministry Amy Conley 703.298.3026
Practitioners Suzanne Delahaie, RScP 301.498.2025
Sacred Service 703.580.0761
Stewardship Rich Kurasiewicz, RScP 703.823.3826
Welcoming Team Melinda Erdberg 703.876.9693
Visioning 703.560.2030