Divine Traffic

Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP


Well, this will be short and strange, since my keyboard on my iMac just died and I can’t get it to come back on with new batteries. So, I’m on my iPad, sitting here with Harvey and Irma big in my life.

And I pray.
I see God/Spirit in all things, even hurricanes. I heard Spirit speaking as It told me to leave St. Augustine a day early to drive home and avoid the traffic of all the evacuations. I felt divinely guided as I got on to I-95 and headed north at 5 miles per hour, then 70 mph, then 5 mph again, then just stopping in bumper to bumper rows for miles.

I became one with the I-95 pavement, the lane markers, the other cars moving in perfect cooperation, with my speedometer, and with the audio books my wife, Diane, had brought along. I knew that Spirit would give us something peaceful to do in Lumberton, NC, for a few hours around the motel with which we had made a reservation. The GPS wisely projected an arrival there at 2:30 pm. The God Positioning System then gave us an arrival just in time for dinner at 6:30pm.

I realized our trip home was just as wonderful as had been our trip to Florida passing thru what was left of Harvey in Labor Day weekend traffic. We had a wonderful time in Florida and now I am just so grateful to be home.

So, I celebrate my power to release any need to plan ahead and I just continue to go with the flow of life. I let it be. And so it is.


Treatment for September 9, 2017