Labyrinth Workshop for Peace In Ukraine: Tuesday March 12, 2024, 12:30-3:00 pm EST

Lyudmila Ponomarenko RScP, leads the CSL Teaching Chapter in Ukraine

Dear Celebration Center and Friends,
Please join us for the Labyrinth Workshop.
If you have any questions, please contact Irina Kurasiewicz
[email protected]

100% proceeds go directly to Lyudmila who lives and serves in Ukraine.

We, the Spiritual Chain Reaction for Peace in Ukraine and All Over the World, would like to invite you to Lyudmila Ponomarenko’s, RScP, Labyrinth Workshop on Tuesday, March 12th. The details are below along with the payment option.

Title: The Labyrinth
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Time: 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT
Where: Zoom – link to be provided upon payment
Cost: 25 USD per person


In this Workshop we will be learning about this ancient symbol: how to walk it, how to draw it and how to create and use a finger labyrinth.

Please note that the usual Tuesday afternoon meditation will not start until after the workshop has ended at 3:00 pm. The meditation will be given by Lyudmila as a follow-up to her workshop (and of course open to all) and will last 30 minutes. Lyudmila has asked that after the meditation everyone leave silently with no discussions.


CCSL 9D Sound Breathwork Journey for Integration and Regeneration

Sunday, March 10, 1-2:30
$35, in person at Height Hall
2830 Graham Road, Falls Church
RSVP to 240-353-3277 or [email protected]

Designed for new students, this breathwork experience fosters relaxation, grounding, and wholeness. Engaging the vagus nerve and activating the parasympathetic “rest and digest” response, it guides you into profound calm. Through hypnotherapy, subliminal messages, visualization, and deliberate breathing, discover the power of breath for rejuvenation and integration. Explore harmony within your mind and body. Nurture yourself, grow, and transform.

The expansive soundscape of 9D (9D multi-dimensional sounds) has powerful effect on imagination making things seem more real than they actually are,  providing a truly unique healing experience, like an odyssey.  It is like watching a movie (except you will be laying down down wearing the provided 9D headsets) with sounds coming from all over your body.

Common Outcomes:

  1. Deep relaxation and grounding: Experience a profound sense of relaxation, allowing you to release stress and find a grounded state of being.

  2. Enhanced well-being and wholeness: Reconnect with your inner self and experience a sense of wholeness, bringing balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system: Engage the body’s natural relaxation response, promoting calmness, tranquility, and restorative healing.

  4. Integration of mind and body: Explore the power of breathwork to integrate your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, fostering a sense of unity and coherence.

  5. Rejuvenation and renewal: Tap into the transformative potential of deliberate breathing techniques, rejuvenating your energy and revitalizing your entire being.

  6. Self-discovery and personal growth: Journey within to discover new insights, access inner wisdom, and experience personal growth as you navigate the path of integration and regeneration.


Roanne Calizo is a certified facilitator for 9D Breathwork therapy and a trained  mentor for stress and anxiety management at the HeartMath Institute. You  will also listen to the guided vocal coaching of international  breathwork superstar Brian Kelly, masterfully blended into the 9D  soundscape.


Agenda: Part 1 (15 minutes) – Background Information and Learn Breathwork Techniques Part 2 (50 minutes) – 9D Journey. Part 3 (15 minutes) – Voluntary Sharing of Experiences

People may experience a wide array of emotions during  the experience, such as being emotional, inspired or experiencing a sense of love and inspiration. As this is a very light journey, it will feel like a guided meditation with 9D multi-dimensional sounds and most people will feel more relaxed.


No large meal 2.5 hours prior the session, but don’t come starving as you will need some energy for the breathwork.
Bring a yoga mat, blanket, socks, pillow, eye mask, lip balm in case of dry lips, and bottled water. Wear comfortable or loose clothing.
You will be asked to sign the liability form to participate. Review it here: Breathwork may not be suitable for some medical conditions.
Try to take it easy 1 hour after the session for recovery and integration.

Blue Christmas Service

Tuesday, December 6th 7:30 pm ET
For many people, and for many reasons, the holiday season may not be the “most wonderful season of all.” Perhaps a loved one has transitioned or may be experiencing a difficult period.
Blue Christmas is a service that provides a sacred container for acknowledging the facts, whatever they are while affirming the presence of the Holy.

White Stone Ceremony

Sunday, January 1st, following the Sunday Service
Join us for this New Thought Tradition! We will come together in a meditation and visioning practice to discover our highest calling for 2023. This sacred practice will include releasing the old and bringing in the new.
If you would like us to mail you a White Stone, please fill out this form. 

This Thing Called You with Rev. Ryan Alexander

Mondays, January 2nd – 30th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm ET on Zoom
To Register, Click Here 
This Thing Called You is a course in practical spirituality. Discover your place in the universal scheme of things. Discover how your personal use of the creative power opens doors in your daily experience. Learn powerful, practical spiritual tools for everyday living. Transcend old beliefs and ways of seeing the world for a new dynamic experience of This Thing Called You!
$145 Registration fee
Scholarships are available. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.
*This class meets the requirement for a Consciousness Elective on the Prac Track

Grief Support Group Part 1: Coping with Grief

Wednesdays, November 23rd – December 28th
6:30-8:00pm ET
Zoom & Height Hall
To Register, Click Here
  • Are you experiencing acute grief due to losing a loved one, pet, job, relationship, health, home, or other experience?
  • Do you struggle with grief through the holidays?
  • Are you beginning to experience the effects of the “Winter Blues”
  • Do you have unprocessed grief or loss from your past that you would like to address from a spiritual perspective?
The purpose of this program is to bring a Spiritual understanding to the process of a very human experience: grief. It is designed to highlight and support the unique challenges experienced in the face of loss and grief. It is not meant to be prescriptive in that it offers a specific way to navigate loss and grief but instead is fluid and experiential. It is a call to reflection, expansion, and transformation, not just in the context of loss but in life itself. It highlights the benefits of both our internal work and the healing balm of the community. It is an ever-changing, ever-unfolding, and ever-revealing journey that we are already that which we are seeking.
It is broken into two 6-week circles, Coping with Grief and Emerging from Grief. This Circle is designed to be progressive and supportive of the members. For this reason, we ask that you commit to completing Part 1, understanding that you will have the choice to move forward before we begin Part 2 in the New Year.

Unite & Celebrate: A New Thought Renaissance

Unite & Celebrate: A New Thought Renaissance
RE-birthing, RE-awakening, RE-viving the Power of Spirit Within!
Saturday, October 1st 1:00-4:00pm ET
Location: Unity of Fairfax and online
2854 Hunter Mill Road
Oakton, VA 22124

This dynamic, meditative, prayerful, engaging one-of-a-kind experience, featuring Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living leaders and musicians from all over the District, Maryland, and Virginia, promises to awaken you to the boundless possibilities for good inherent in you and the world. We are RE-birthing, RE-awakening, and RE-viving the Power of Spirit within everyone!

You can come before the event begins for activities such as walking the labyrinth, visiting our Meditation Garden and Medicine Wheel.
Child care provided.
Love offerings will be received to benefit the Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Region’s Refugee and Immigrants Services.
Unite & Celebrate: Drum Circle
Friday, September 30th, 7:00pm ET
Location: Unity of Fairfax Labyrinth
2854 Hunter Mill Road

Oakton, VA 22124

As part of the Unite & Celebrate Weekend, Unity of Fairfax is hosting a drum circle facilitated by Daniel Greenberg on the Unity Labyrinth (in the Sanctuary in case of inclement weather).