CCSL 9D Sound Breathwork Journey for Integration and Regeneration

Sunday, March 10, 1-2:30
$35, in person at Height Hall
2830 Graham Road, Falls Church
RSVP to 240-353-3277 or [email protected]

Designed for new students, this breathwork experience fosters relaxation, grounding, and wholeness. Engaging the vagus nerve and activating the parasympathetic “rest and digest” response, it guides you into profound calm. Through hypnotherapy, subliminal messages, visualization, and deliberate breathing, discover the power of breath for rejuvenation and integration. Explore harmony within your mind and body. Nurture yourself, grow, and transform.

The expansive soundscape of 9D (9D multi-dimensional sounds) has powerful effect on imagination making things seem more real than they actually are,  providing a truly unique healing experience, like an odyssey.  It is like watching a movie (except you will be laying down down wearing the provided 9D headsets) with sounds coming from all over your body.

Common Outcomes:

  1. Deep relaxation and grounding: Experience a profound sense of relaxation, allowing you to release stress and find a grounded state of being.

  2. Enhanced well-being and wholeness: Reconnect with your inner self and experience a sense of wholeness, bringing balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system: Engage the body’s natural relaxation response, promoting calmness, tranquility, and restorative healing.

  4. Integration of mind and body: Explore the power of breathwork to integrate your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, fostering a sense of unity and coherence.

  5. Rejuvenation and renewal: Tap into the transformative potential of deliberate breathing techniques, rejuvenating your energy and revitalizing your entire being.

  6. Self-discovery and personal growth: Journey within to discover new insights, access inner wisdom, and experience personal growth as you navigate the path of integration and regeneration.


Roanne Calizo is a certified facilitator for 9D Breathwork therapy and a trained  mentor for stress and anxiety management at the HeartMath Institute. You  will also listen to the guided vocal coaching of international  breathwork superstar Brian Kelly, masterfully blended into the 9D  soundscape.


Agenda: Part 1 (15 minutes) – Background Information and Learn Breathwork Techniques Part 2 (50 minutes) – 9D Journey. Part 3 (15 minutes) – Voluntary Sharing of Experiences

People may experience a wide array of emotions during  the experience, such as being emotional, inspired or experiencing a sense of love and inspiration. As this is a very light journey, it will feel like a guided meditation with 9D multi-dimensional sounds and most people will feel more relaxed.


No large meal 2.5 hours prior the session, but don’t come starving as you will need some energy for the breathwork.
Bring a yoga mat, blanket, socks, pillow, eye mask, lip balm in case of dry lips, and bottled water. Wear comfortable or loose clothing.
You will be asked to sign the liability form to participate. Review it here: Breathwork may not be suitable for some medical conditions.
Try to take it easy 1 hour after the session for recovery and integration.