I Call Forth Love

Treatment by Rev Faith Woods



I caught the happy virus last night when I was out singing beneath the stars.

It is remarkably contagious –So kiss me.   Hafiz

God is Love. Love is all there is.

I am surrounded by and made from that Love.  Within my being is unconditional Love And that is what I call forth now.  I call forth this love from each person reading this prayer, from Celebration Center, from all Centers for Spiritual Living groups, and from every individual who studies Truth.

I speak my word now and as I call forth this Love it quietly pervades our every activity.  As I call it forth again, it rushes forward to soothe perceived wounds and wrongs.  Again, I request that love show itself in a mighty way, and it permeates all edges to soften and heal.

Back to the beginning – God is Love and Love is all there is and we remember we are swimming in the ocean of Love.  I become fully present and open to re-cognizing it.  Love is where I sprang forth and Love is where I reside, and Love is truly all there is.  I can be nowhere else.  It is and I am and You are and We be.   As I continue to call forth love as a practice, my eyes open, ears hear and actions that enhance the physical world come automatically through me.  I love and love returns.  I become a way-shower of Love. The world that works for all begins here and now with each of us.

I recognize the Law as a nourishing form of Love.  It allows my words and knowing to show up in my physical world.   I have planted the seed of love in action.  That seed is nurtured and shows up in our world in expected and unexpected ways.  Knowing what is in my heart, the Law brings it forth.

I am grateful as I put this love in action.  The release of this prayer completes the circle of love and I simply say – and so it is, amen.

“When love beckons to you follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, ……   Kahil Gibran

 Treatment for September 18, 2017