My Word of Love

Treatment by Rev. Faith Woods


As I center for prayer, I take a breath and begin an inward journey to the core of my being. There I find the holy place of love, and the Presence of Good is right where I am.

There is one Life and It is good.  There is one Divine Presence of Love and it is good.  There is an abundance of Good – there is only Good – there is only Love.

As I connect to the most high and holy Love, I know that I am whole, right here and now.  I feel the love of the Infinite and I know that love is here for me.  As I know that about myself, I recognize it for each person.  Knowing my words and the human language is incapable of expressing the fullness of Spirit, I simply relax and begin to feel it resonating within my body and escaping the bounds of my body flesh.  As I imagine this, I let go of time and space and welcome each of you into my space.  The flow of love connects each of us to one another.    Within this now moment and very crowded space, I speak my word – resonantly and fully.

I whisper the word Love.  I speak the word Love.  I shout the word LOVE!  In my mind’s eye I release Love into the Universe for it to grow and blossom in my mind as each person.  I allow my little mind to grow it bigger than ever before – to expand its meaning for me and for you. I begin with a barely visible pin dot of light, direct all my Love and all I know about Love to expand that light –  and then I invite all the Love I do not yet know, have not yet experienced and watch it grow even more.  For we are always promised more!  And what could be sweeter than more love?

In my mind’s eye, each person is filled to overflowing and consciously letting it spread through their sphere of influence – giving it freely to the world at large.  Each Center for Spiritual Living is filled and Love is pouring out of doors and windows and going forth with all people as they take it with them.

I claim the healing power of this light and love.  I claim the blessings that flow forth from it.  I claim that we are united by Love and use this weapon of mass enlightenment in our work as healers.  I choose not to hide it- I choose to let it out. I choose to let it have its sway with me today and tomorrow and in every moment.

I am grateful for Love at this moment.  I am grateful to know it is what we are.  I am grateful for those who catch the excitement of love, the beauty of love, the joy of love.  I am grateful for those who accept the gifts that Love brings.

I am so grateful there is an abundance of love and that we need never be stingy with it.  I am grateful to know it is so great and so powerful it cannot be contained – that we can never put this Love genie back in a bottle.

This is my prayer.  I send it forth.  It is in the law that lovingly takes these words and makes them blossom and bloom in the world.

And so it is that I release my word from the holy and sacred space of love.


Treatment for November 18, 2016