Outpouring of Spirit

Prayer by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP, MiT


A busy week for us next week.  We both have papers to write, due early next week.  Last week, we had car problems.  Our Jaguar wouldn’t start, after I had driven it to pay a bill.  New Alternator, new battery, new Serpentine belt…but it is handled. I was very grateful for the AAA tow, and the fact that we had AAA,  and our neighborhood handyman.  I wish everyone had a handy guy like Marty.

So in this expression of gratitude, I offer this prayer.

I know that there is only one: One spirit, one mind, one eternal being.  As I recognize that we are one with this one, I live and breath in this one.  I know that as I express my gratitude, it opens up my heart.  I am open to the outpouring of spirit into my life.  I recognize this outpouring of all the wondrous experiences of life.  I am so grateful for this truth.  I am so grateful for All that I have.  I release this prayer to the law of the universe.  And so it is.

Thank you mother father God.

In love and joy

Treatment for August 20, 2017