Plenty to Do

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP, MIT



Wow, August already!  I just registered for a class.  I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at our Center last week.  We’ve been doing work around the house, work for classes.  Tomorrow we’re headed to the ballpark.  Life is busy.

That’s why stopping to pray is important.

Knowing that there is only One Life, One Power, One Presence, One Mind, I know that It expresses as each of us.  It is my life and each of our lives right now.

As such, whatever is true of It must be true of us.

And so I know that Divine Order unfolds with ease.  I know that there is plenty for all to do all things that they must do and that they choose to do.  I know that health unfolds perfectly as everyone.  I know that all activity flows smoothly, with ease and grace.  And I know that abundant rest is the truth of all our lives right now.

I am thankful for all the opportunities and blessings in my life and all our lives.

In that gratitude, I release my words to the Law, knowing that it is done.  All is well.

And SO it IS!


Treatment for August 10, 2017