The Abundant Universe

Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie, RScP, MiT

A busy and fairly costly couple of days.  Busy, because we have class work, and I have a paper due on Monday. SOOO…


Anyone who heard our car, would know that we needed a muffler. That is where the cost comes in.  We took the car to a nationally advertised shop, and they gave us an estimate of 1,100+. Explaining that there was not only the muffler, but the pipes and a few other things that needed to be replaced.  That was too much.  Our neighborhood all around fix-it, gardener, and handyman, said he could do it for less, though he would need to get the parts, etc.  We ended up with an estimate of 800+ from the nationally known chain, and we decided to take it (in part because of a warrantee, which would apply to every where we might take the car.) And they could do it in time to get the car to the emissions inspection, due today.

So I pray for financial prosperity.

I know that there is only God, in all forms, in all expressions.  I know that this includes an abundant universe.  I know that I am one with this abundance, and that I claim this abundance as mine.  I know that what I know for myself, I know for all.  I  open my bank account for the influx of financial abundance.  I know that wherever I look, I see the abundance of the universe.  It is mine, I claim it.  And I do so, knowing that this abundant universe is there for everyone and my claiming only creates more for everyone to claim theirs.  It is experiencing this abundance, that I know that all is well, and that I give thanks for the truth.  I now release this statement of truth to the law of the universe, knowing that  all is well.

In love and truth.

Treatment for July 20, 2017