We Are ONE.


Treatment by Suzanne Delahaie RScP, MiT


Good evening,

A busy day for us (though not as busy as it was for the Donald) 😊

We went to our normal breakfast at our Dutch Country Market and picked up a few items from there for dinners.

Came home to watch the inauguration, and then up to see the movie “Hidden Figures”.  (I recommend it, btw)

One line that impressed me in Donald Trump’s speech was “We must think Big and Dream Bigger” And another line, this from Hidden Figures at the end, when the Main character, Katherine, was talking with her Boss asking about the possibility of the Moon shot, she responded with “We’re already there, sir”

So I write now a prayer.

In God are all possibilities.  As I know that there is only one, one mind, one experience, one joy.  And since there is only one, I know that this one is in, through, and around me and all that I know and experience.  I am blessing the progress we have made in our relations to each other, our future and our past.   Knowing that what we as a country, as a world and as a congregation, have in front of us is so much grander than what has been,  I am knowing that with God’s guidance and that  with God’s strength, that we can and will be all that we are to be.  I know that there is a source of joy and peace, that is made manifest every day. I do give thanks for this knowing, and the truth of my words. I release my words to the law of life, knowing that it is true, and is made manifest.  AND SO IT IS…

With Joy and love

Treatment for January 20, 2017