What Life Is, I Am

Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP
I have just finished watching a program on the heritage of Broadway musicals.  I have been thinking for a while now that there is something very American and very New Thought about the musical.  There is a worldview that nicely reflects ours.
“The sun will come out tomorrow.”
“To reach the unreachable star.”
“A hundred million miracles are happening every day.”
And so much more.
And so I am inspired to use this as a prayer.
Knowing that the One Life expresses in, as, and through all, I know that that Life is my life.
I know that what that Life is, I am.  I could not be anything else.  It is happiness; therefore, I am happy.  It is sunshine; therefore, my life is sunny.  
I know, feel, believe, and accept the joyfulness, the love, the bounty, the song that God is as me, and I rejoice in it.  I sing and dance in its praise.  I look in the eye of life and know that I believe in it.  I know that all are my brothers and sisters, that we can do it, that whatever I can imagine I can bring to life.  I know that this is true for all.
I am thankful for this and for the realization of it.
And in that gratitude, I simply know that it is done.
And SO it IS!
Treatment for June 10, 2015