Treatment by Ed Preston, RScP 
As you prepare to join me in prayer, I invite you to just pause a moment in your own space and find your peace.  
And so I begin in this place of peace, this place where we can all feel the Presence and recognize it as Spirit.
We simple allow ourselves to become One with that Presence, with Spirit, and One with each other.  
I realize the Divine nature of the beautiful blues sky today.  And I know that Spirit has already manifested a certainty of rain in the near future.  It is the rain that allows all life to thrive here on this earth.  It is the rain that is a gift from God, just as is the blue sky and sunshine.  They are all aspects of the Divine realization of Spirit as All life, and also as the rain and the earth that soaks it all up.  
I am so grateful for these recognitions and sense of unity and the realizations of Spirit here on Earth, all around all of us, now. Our gratitude expands as life expands and life expands as our gratitude expands.  They go together.
So, I simply release these words, and the gratitude for life, into the Law of Life and let them work in all that is.  
And so it is!  Amen. 
Treatment for August 9, 2017