The World is Heavenly


Treatment by Tim Phares, RScP, MIT


It’s plain to see

The world is heavenly

Be God’s glow — Michael Jackson, Heal the World

Wow, is there a lot happening in the world.  Every corner gives the appearance of distress.  Texas is reeling form Hurricane Harvey.  Hurricane Irma is sweeping across Florida, having already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean.  And Jose is behind them.  The West, from California to Montana, is dealing with wildfires.   India and Bangladesh are dealing with major flooding.  There was an earthquake in Mexico this week.

The Cajun Navy, out in their boats to rescue people in Texas, got shot at.

And tomorrow is the anniversary of the devastating September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Ernest Holmes said that”we are a healing and teaching order.”  It looks like there is an awful lot of “Truth to be revealed.” So let’s be the agents of revealing that Truth.  With all that’s happening, the song I quoited above (which we did in choir a few weeks ago) has been running through my head.  It’s time to “be God’s glow.”

So let’s get to it.

There is only One Life.  That Life is God’s Life.  That Life is perfect.  That Life is my life now.  I know and recognize that this One is present in the hurricanes, in the floods, in the earthquake, in the people firing at rescuers.  yes, even in the people who attacked major American cities and destroyed so many buildings and took so many lives.

I know that Love fills my life and the lives of all people.  I am gratified at how people have stepped up to help others, not asking any questions, just doing whatever they can.   This is Divine Love coming to the fore.

I know that that Love fills every one of these circumstances.  it operates in its brightest glory in each life affected.  It brings people together in new and unanticipated ways.  Each of us steps forward to do what we can.  Each and all are taking care of each other.  Even in the midst of seemingly dire circumstances, Divine Love shines through, making It presence felt  and lifting people’s spirits.  All that needs to be done is done and done perfectly.

I am so thankful for this outpouring of love and compassion.  I am so thankful for the expression of Life that supports all people affected, for new connections, for people helping people.

And so, in gratitude, knowing that all is well, I simply release my words to the Law, knowing that it is done — magnificently.  All is well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.  And it is so righ tnow.

And SO it IS!

Treatment for September 10,2017